Ancestral remedy. Honest skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and here at Marrow & Tallow, we believe in caring for it with only the best ingredients. Dating back centuries, the use of tallow originates from our ancestors' necessity to utilize all parts of the animal to sustain, nourish & heal our bodies. Bone marrow & tallow, derived from bones & suet, contain fat soluble vitamins & nutrients essential for skin health that are far superior to those found in industrial skincare products derived from plants or petroleum. From healing wounds & fading scars to tackling dry skin & preventing wrinkles - they do it all. We source our marrow & tallow from local ranches, then purify by hand in small batches. Then, we mix it with all natural, organic ingredients free from the harmful synthetics often found in commercial products. It's a one-stop solution for the whole body & the whole family.