Before & After

Images sent directly from customers. Our products are effective on humans and animals alike! 

 "I sustained a sizable gash from a clumsy trip up the stairs on 9/28. I applied the collagen cream directly to the wound immediately after and covered with a band-aid. Repeated this process 2 times a day and the after photo is from 10/1. The wound sealed up and healed so quickly, I'm amazed!!" 



"Hey this is Rianna. You gave me some balm for my horse's wounds (T-post puncture) to try out, and I wanted to get back to you with some results. It has healed various minor scrapes and cuts without scarring. It's rare for the hair to grow back! I think it is an amazing natural solution to store bought products. The horses love the smell, and don't seem to mind it being applied, even to large wounds. I would totally suggest it to anyone who would ask." 



"Accidentally buzzed my finger with an angle grinder, very painful! Used cream 3 times a day. Very tender but moving along, tender but amazingly good. I believe in your product."